Wilton Meringue Powder: The Egg-cellent Baking Hack You Need!

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Hey there egg-free fam, it's Emma from Egg Free Cook back again! Today, I'm here to share with you a game-changing product that will take your egg-free baking to the next level - Wilton Meringue Powder Egg White Substitute!

This 4 oz. jar of magic is perfect for all you egg-free bakers out there looking to create fluffy meringues, cookies that won't crumble, and royal icing that dries to a hard, glossy finish. No more worrying about flat meringues or icing that won't set - Wilton's got your back!

Wilton Meringue Powder is great for anyone with an egg allergy, egg intolerance, or those following a vegan diet. It's also perfect for those looking to cut back on their egg intake. With this egg substitute, you can still enjoy your favorite egg-free recipes without sacrificing texture or taste.

- Versatile egg white substitute for baking and decorating
- Makes fluffy meringues, cookies, and royal icing
- Great for those with egg allergies, intolerances, and vegans
- Perfect for egg-free baking and decorating
- No worrying about flat meringues or icing that won't set

- May not be suitable for those with corn allergies
- Contains egg albumen, which may not be suitable for those with egg sensitivity

Overall, Wilton Meringue Powder is a must-have for anyone looking to up their egg-free baking and decorating game. With this egg white substitute, you can enjoy all your favorite recipes without the worry of flat meringues or unset icing. While it may not be suitable for everyone with egg allergies or sensitivities, for those who can use it, it's a game-changer. So what are you waiting for? Give Wilton Meringue Powder a try and take your egg-free baking to the next level!

Bottom Line: 9/10

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