Potato Starch: The Gluten-Free Hero We All Need

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If you're like me and have an egg allergy, you know that finding the perfect substitute for baking can be a real struggle. Luckily, Potato Starch by Kate Naturals is here to save the day! This 100% natural and unmodified USDA organic potato starch is a gluten-free superstar that can be used as a substitute for organic corn starch flour and as a thickening agent.

Not only is this starch perfect for baking, but it's also great for frying! Say goodbye to your egg substitute for frying and hello to this game-changer. It makes for the perfect egg substitute for breading and frying all your favorite foods.

This gluten-free egg bake is a great fit for anyone looking to avoid foods with egg intolerance symptoms. If you're looking for an egg substitute for chocolate chip cookies, look no further! The Potato Starch by Kate Naturals is the perfect substitute for 1 egg. And let's not forget about brownies! This starch can be used as a substitute for chia seeds or even applesauce for eggs.

- Gluten-free and organic
- Can be used for baking and frying
- Perfect substitute for an egg in various recipes
- Great for anyone with egg intolerance symptoms

- May alter the color of your baked goods slightly

In conclusion, Potato Starch by Kate Naturals is a must-have for anyone looking for a gluten-free alternative to traditional thickening agents and egg substitutes. As someone who has been searching for the perfect egg substitute for years, I can confidently say that this product is a game-changer. So go ahead and give it a try, your taste buds will thank you!

Bottom Line: 9/10

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