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Are you tired of drinking protein shakes that taste like chalk? Look no further! Egg Whites International has come up with a unique product that will get you jacked up in no time! Their 100% Pure Liquid Cage-Free Egg Whites are a game-changer. With this product, you can make any protein shake taste like heaven! Mix them with chocolate, strawberry, banana, or any other flavor you want – the sky's the limit!

What makes Egg Whites International's Liquid Egg Whites stand out is that they are double-filtered, giving them the smooth consistency of milk. They are completely tasteless and odorless, making them the perfect addition to any shake. One cup of these liquid egg whites contains a whopping 26 grams of protein, making it one of the purest forms of protein available in the market.

If you're someone who struggles to get enough protein in your diet, this product is perfect for you. You can mix it with anything – milk, cereal, oatmeal, or salad dressing. It's an excellent substitute for those who can't keep down solid food but still need to get their daily dose of protein.

As a person with an egg allergy, I was apprehensive about trying this product. But to my surprise, I didn't experience any symptoms of egg intolerance. Egg Whites International's product is heat-pasteurized and salmonella tested, which means that it is not "raw."

- Tasteless and odorless making it the perfect addition to any shake.
- Double-filtered for a smooth consistency.
- Contains 26 grams of protein in one cup.
- Can be mixed with anything.
- Excellent substitute for those who can't consume solid food.

- It's a bit expensive.
- The product comes in a half-gallon pack, which may not be suitable for those who don't consume egg whites regularly.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Egg Whites International's 100% Pure Liquid Cage-Free Egg Whites to anyone who wants to get their daily dose of protein without the hassle of cooking. It's a fantastic substitute for those who can't consume eggs and an excellent addition to any shake. I'd give this product a 9/10 for its tasteless and odorless nature, and high protein content.

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