Ghee, Oh My! Emma's Review of 4th & Heart Original Grass-Fed Ghee

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Hey there, fellow foodies! Emma here, sharing my thoughts on 4th & Heart Original Grass-Fed Ghee. As someone who is passionate about alternative ingredients and allergen-free recipes, I was excited to give this product a try.

First things first, the quality of this ghee is top-notch. Sourced from grass-fed cows in New Zealand, it's packed with vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for digestion and overall health. Plus, it's lactose and casein-free, making it a great option for those with dairy sensitivities. I also appreciate that it's certified paleo, so it fits into my diet seamlessly.

When it comes to cooking, this ghee is a game-changer. Its high smoke point makes it perfect for sautéing, frying, and roasting, and the rich buttery flavor adds a delicious depth to any dish. I even tried it as a spread on toast, and let me tell you, it was divine.

Now, for the pro con list:

- High-quality grass-fed butter sourced from New Zealand
- Lactose and casein-free, great for dairy sensitivities
- Certified paleo
- Rich in vitamins and nutrients
- High smoke point, perfect for cooking and roasting
- Delicious buttery flavor

- Ghee can melt during transit, but this doesn't affect the quality or taste

Overall, I highly recommend 4th & Heart Original Grass-Fed Ghee to anyone looking for a healthy, delicious, and versatile cooking oil. Whether you're dairy-free or simply want to upgrade your butter game, this ghee is a must-try. And with a price point of $10.49, it's a worthwhile investment.

Bottom line: 8.5/10, would definitely use again.

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